The Poaching of the Okapi


The Okapi lives in the central parts of Africa. This mysterious mammal has the markings of the zebra, but is half as tall as the giraffe. The okapi stands at 4.9 ft tall. Okapis are more closely related to the giraffe than the zebra. These animals are sometimes active for only a few hours at night. Okapis are herbivores. Which means they only eat plants. The variety of plants the okapi eats are tree leaves and buds, grasses, ferns & fungus.

6a010535647bf3970b011571efeb78970bOkapis prefer to be alone. They only come together to breed. An Okapis pregnancy period can last up to 450 days. An okapis baby is called a Juvenile. Okapis live in canopy areas in the African forests. These animals are endemic to the tropical forest of the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

These amazing creatures are endangered. The reason of this cause is because of loss of habitat due to human settlement. As well as extensive hunting for bushmeat and skin. Another reason is because of illegal mining. This amazing creature is now on the verge of extinction because of what we are doing and not thinking what it would effect and how would it do to the ecosystem.

Strategy Games

                                                                       classicbattleship (1)

So I’m doing the game “Battleships.” This game is all about strategy. Battleship was released in the year 1967. It was made by a man named  Milton Bradley. It was mainly played during World War 1. It was first played as a pad-and-pencil game in the 1930’s.                                                                                                                                                                        The cause of the making of this game was to teach children at an early age of strategies in a risk-free way and to entertain them. It was also a guessing game for two players. I think the game was made to honor World War 1. And to just have fun and do some grid-guessing. And this game is a very fun game to play.                                                                        This game is thought to be originated from a French game called L’ Attaque. The first commercial version of the game was Salvo. Battleship is also thought to be from Russia. This game has also inspired a movie with the name Battleship. Well, that’s it for now. Bye!

Let’s Show Photos

What is this black creature?Black-Panthers-black-panthers-31170189-450-291                                                                         Is it a dark figure?                                                                        What do you think?                                                                               Is it a Shadow?                                                                                         What is it?                                                                            What could it be?                                                                                          Is it Evil?                                                                                          What is it?                                                                             What could it be?

dream job after college

My dream job after I graduate from college is to be a barbie designer. The reason I want to be a barbie designer is because I’m kind of a barbie collector. I haven’t even bothered to count them all. My favorites are the holiday collectors barbie dolls. This years holiday barbie has a red dress with gold trim and golden accessories with curled golden hair. And that is my dream job after college.

school the goods and bads

I’m going to tell you what some of the goods and bads about school are. The good things about school are the social events like socials at the end of every quarter, and after school activities. The bads about school is being sent to the T.A.B. room when you get trouble. The other bad thing is when you don’t have enough time to finish an assignment. And those are some of the goods and bads about school. Bye!

Places to live

The places I want to live are Hawaii because the weather there is very nice during the summer. There’s California because it is the place I was raised and I’m used to it. Then the last place I would like to live is Brazil because I have heard that a lot of rare species of macaws live that and I would love to see them, not from a book but in real life. I hope you agree to these places, and I also hope you enjoyed reading this blog, too!

Places to visit

The places I want to visit are Florida because I have heard that leatherback sea turtles lay their eggs on the beaches of Florida, Hawaii because the weather is very tropical there, at least that’s what I’ve heard, the Bahamas, Paris, and Great Britain. The places I don’t want to go to are tornado alley which is the middle of the united states and Singapore. I hope you liked this blog!

really interesting

Something that some people don’t know about me is that I am the only girl out of seven brothers. Another thing is that I like horses, wolfs, dragons, and cats, those are my favorite animals. I also like to read the Fire Within Series. I was born in California, and I lived there for seven years. Now I have lived in Oregon for five years and made a lot more friends. I have never been expelled from any school, I have been to Guy Lee, Las Posas in California, and now, at Briggs Middle School. And those are some interesting things about me. Hope you enjoyed reading this!

Leaving a good comment

Here’s tip of how to leave a good comment. First you find something good about their blog you would like to comment on their blog.      Now, how to leave a good comment. One thing you would want to don’t want to do is say something negative. So, to avoid that you’re    going to think of a positive comment and then a negative one. Next, type in your comment and click send, then just wait for a response from the other blogger. And that is how to leave a positive comment.